Beach Towel

These are the hottest wholesale round beach towels also known as roundie as seen in the 2017 Beach Towel Trend. These come in various styles including bohemian, aztec, mandala, gypsy, and much more. The towels come in different materials such as chiffon, polyester, microfiber and cotton. Furthermore, there are different qualities within each material resulting in a wide array of beach towel styles. We carry a range of thicknesses from 100 GSM (grams per square meter) in viscose material to 500 GSM in thick 100% cotton terry cloth material.  All of our round beach towels come with fringe on the edge resulting in a nice look.  Lastly, these beach towels are extremely versatile and can be used as rugs or yoga mats to sit on, towels to wipe yourself with, tapestries to hang, table covers for summer events and even throws to wrap yourself with. This is a must have item.  For further details on these wholesale round towels you can see our guides on What to Know Before Buying a Round Towel, and How to Take Care of Your Beach Towel.  Additionally, we even have a quick and easy beach towel infographic that has all the information combined.