Elite Trendz

Leaders in wholesale fashion apparel and accessories including watches, blanket scarves, beach towels and much more.

An International Agency

Over the last fifteen years, we have been selling products across the globe.  You can find our products in countries and regions like Canada, Latin America, Western Europe and South Asia. Our International shipments take on average 7 to 12 business days to arrive.

Forward Thinking

Looking at upcoming trends and styles, we are able to design and manufacture quality products at cheap prices before they appear on mainstream sources, giving our customers a competitive edge.

Problem Solvers

Over the last fifteen years, we have built partnerships that have allowed us to manufacture and distribute large quantities of merchandise. This has kept our prices low without having to sacrifice quality.

Customer Support

Our company value focuses entirely on the providing the best support to our customers.  At Ace International, you will not be put on hold with an automated message system waiting in queue.  All calls are directly sent to live representatives who can help you with all your needs.

Our Story

Ace International has been a leader in the fashion industry for more than fifteen years. The company was founded as a watch wholesaler in 2001. Since then, we have expanded to include fashion apparel, scarves, sunglasses, reading glasses, handbags and much more.  We have a distinctive line of styles for women, men, and children, where you can find every type of fashion apparel and accessory imaginable. As designers, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers, our mission is to identify the most current fashion trends and provide outstanding quality merchandise at competitive prices while extending exceptional customer service to our retailers and wholesalers.

Ace International has sustained a competitive price standard along with a reputation for quality throughout the years. That’s why customers from all over the US and Canada have found us to be a company that delivers top-of-the-line fashion apparel and accessories at the cheapest prices. Our commitment to product development and distribution is evident in our diverse range of over thousand different styles and our detailed coverage of the fashion market in North America. Throughout our fifteen years in business, our customer service has made us one of America and Canada’s leading fashion apparel, watch and accessories wholesalers.

  • Domestic Reach 82% 82%
  • International Reach 34% 34%
  • Style Differentiation 68% 68%
  • Customer Happiness 93% 93%