Beach towels provide a place to sit, a spot to soak up some sun, a beautiful and vibrant yoga mat, picnic blankets, a cover up, and a method to dry off after a dip in the ocean. Unlike bath towels, which wash easily, beach towels require extra care and some extra cleaning steps. By taking care of your beach towels, you can ensure they hold up better and provide you many trips to the beach.

Preparation of Your Round Beach Towel

When you un-wrap your round beach towel for the first time, we recommend that you put it in the dryer for five-ten minutes. Your new towel will fluff right up lose all wrinkles and become super soft and ultra-luxurious. Your new towel has been all bundled up during shipment and needs a quick unravel in the dryer to perform effectively.

Washing Your Round Beach Towel

The official care instructions recommend washing your round beach towel in cold water and then hang drying for best results.  When washing, make sure to keep all harsh chemicals and bleaches away.  If you must throw it in the machine also make sure that it’s on a soft and gentle cold water spin. Also make sure to separate dark colors from your beach towels in the wash – you don’t want to stain that gorgeous white color.  Lastly, make sure your beach towel is free from other particles such as sand and food before washing as these materials tend to get embedded into the fabric during wash.  To remove particles from the towel, give the towels a hard shake till you hear the “snap” sound.  Alternatively, you can use a small hand vacuum cleaner to suck the particles from the towel.

Drying Your Round Beach Towel

Hang dry your beach towel instead of putting it in the dryer.  Ideally, you want to hang it on the line with the print side down.  Dry the towel in a cool and shady area instead of directly in the sun.  Drying the towels in the sun will cause it to stiffen and lose its soft feel.