Everyone knows that the hottest thing hitting beaches this year is the round beach towels.  But with a little creativity, our beach towel can turn into a beautiful throw and even a beach cover up.

Our beach towels are made of soft water absorbent material that serves well as a towel but the soft material also works wonderfully when used as a throw.  Furthermore, the towel can also be folded and used as a beach cover up sarong.  This is a multipurpose garment that can serve all your beachy needs.

Even when not at a beach, the vibrant colors on the towel can add a striking element to any house decor.  These beautiful Mandala round towels have been the most popular choice of beach throw blankets, tapestries and bohemian bedding across the world.

This is a must have item!

Beach Throw

The beach towel can be worn as a throw to wrap yourself up.  Due to the striking colors, the item will add flair anywhere you go.







Beach Blanket

These beach towels can double as a picnic blanket, comfortably fitting one person and their belongings.


Beach Sarong

When folded, the round beach towel turns into a different shape all-together making it usable as a beach cover-up sarong.

Beach Poncho

These towels can be tied behind the neck and be used as a poncho in spring and summer time.

Yoga Mat

Due to the soft and plush nature of the terry backing, the towel serves as a firm yoga mat.